Rain or Shine: Using Weather Data to Drive Business Decisions

Intuit Small Business Blog, by Dave Clarke on March 12, 2014

You can’t make it rain so you can sell more  raincoats, and you can’t prevent a snowstorm from keeping customers away. But  you can use the weather, inclement or otherwise, to your small business’s  advantage.

Anne Kleinman,  founder of Ad Infinitum, relates the story of a client who ignored the  possibility of a downpour during its multi-venue event in New York City. She  urged the company to prepare for wet weather, but it disregarded her advice.  When it rained — and 1,500 guests needed to stay dry — the company had missed  the opportunity to put umbrellas emblazoned with its logo into people’s hands  and have hundreds of “walking advertisements” on Manhattan’s streets.

Don’t make a similar mistake. Use local weather forecasts to fine-tune your  operations and marketing efforts and improve your bottom line. Here are five  strategies to consider. <READ MORE>


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